Coenzyme Q10 and statins

Should I take Coenzyme Q10 and Statins Together?

One of the major concerns patients with cholesterol have, is whether or not Coenzyme Q10 and statins can be taken together. The reason is that both items are essential for the wellbeing of your heart. In fact, some studies suggest that both statins and Coenzyme Q10 can actually improve the overall health of the heart.

The first thing you need to understand is that statins are designed to handle the cholesterol level that is produced by our livers naturally. When a person is experiencing high cholesterol, a statin will reduce the production from the liver and this can help a person to have stabilized cholesterol levels.

Coenzyme Q10 in turn is designed to reduce other heart related risk factors. This powerful substance is designed to increase energy levels and improve the overall functioning of the heart. This means that when you look at the combination of the lower cholesterol levels due to statins and the improvement Coenzyme Q10 brings to heart function, it is understandable to see how the pair can reduce the risks of heart related illness and death. This combination may also  form a solution for angina as heart attack and stroke risks are greatly reduced, with a regular routine of combined diet and exercise.

In fact, major studies on Coenzyme Q10 and statins have been done, where the pair of items has been shown to reduce the heart related risk and dangers significantly, when paired together. In addition to this, joint conditions caused by statins also improved when CoQ10 were added to the regimen of patients as well.

Coenzyme Q10 may need to be taken along with statins for another main reason as well. Recent studies have shown a  link to lower CoQ10 levels in those who take statins alone, as the body’s ability to produce its own CoQ10 is reduced. Though CoQ10 can be obtained by eating the right foods, since its levels are physically decreased while getting older it is quite often vital to add CoQ10 supplements in your nutrition in order to keep adequate levels of it in your body. This is even more important in case CoQ10 levels are further decreased due to the use of statins.

Therefore you should always consider linking together statins and Coenzyme Q10 when you are looking over lowering your cholesterol levels and at the same time reducing the impact to your heart, joints and other vital organs. It is a combination to consider since you can benefit from an increase in the energy levels and reduce the threat of some heart related illnesses.



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