CoQ10 improves fertility

How can CoQ10 improve female and male fertility?

What is CoQ10? If you have never heard of CoQ10 before, but you are interested in improving your fertility—whether you are a man or a woman—then you should look into CoQ10. It is a 1,4-Benzoquinone, with Q being a reference to a quinone class of chemicals and 10 being a reference to the exact amount of isoprenyl subunits of chemicals in the tail. In the world of fertility, it is increasingly being regarded as a supreme antioxidant that is being recommended by more and more experts on fertility. So if you want to conceive a child, then you had best become more familiar with this amazing substance.

For women, this supreme antioxidant works great for CoQ10 ovarian maturity in the following way. The theory behind CoQ10 is that it is believed to significantly heighten the probability of conception, even with a bad ovarian reserve and eggs that are already quite aged. As such, it actually betters the chances of women getting pregnant. This is more than a mere belief. There have been many studies on animals performed with regard to this 1,4-Benzoquinone, and the studies have indicated that the protective impact of this antioxidant can actually rejuvenate a woman’s eggs. This means that both women more advanced in years and also those with a poor ovarian reserve can be the beneficiary of better chances of getting pregnant.

One of the biggest factors when it comes to the aging of the ovaries is the state of the mitochondria inside eggs or oocytes. Just to clarify, mitochondria are the small powerhouses of energy that that live inside of every oocyte’s cell; these in turn decide both the “aliveness” and the biological age of the cells. The same studies mentioned above have also found positive conclusions when it comes to this issue of mitochondria. They have discovered that CoQ10 is really a great supplement for combating the effects of aging. As a result, they have also discovered that it is very good at rejuvenating these aged mitochondria, especially those that are found inside of the cardiovascular system of women.

Now, for the concerns of men and their fertility issues. The research has demonstrated that there are also CoQ10 improve sperm qualities associated with this antioxidant. To wit, a male infertility specialist and urologist by the name of John E. Gould, MD, Ph.D thinks that it is much more productive to look at the fertility problems of men than of women. It turns out that sperm are very sensitive to oxidative stress that’s caused by free radicals; said stress produces reduced motility.

There are a few, recent studies that have just emerged that point to the very real possibility that CoQ10 might better the probability for men with less healthy sperm impregnating their partners. This antioxidant is present in a man’s seminal fluid; its concentration directly affects both sperm motility and count. Based on research done by Italian scientists, CoQ10 actually improved the motility of spermatozoa, the number of sperm cells and even the seminal plasma. The researchers just had to conclude that supplements of this antioxidant were accountable for directly increasing its levels in sperm, therefore bettering the motility of sperm in infertile men. All this means that the chances of these infertile men actually impregnating their partners rose dramatically.

The potential health benefits of CoQ10 have been known for a while, especially with regard to the health of the heart. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that study after study is now confirming the beneficial role of this antioxidant in improving problems in another area of the human experience: fertility for both men and women. What it does for women is that it rejuvenates their eggs, which is particularly important for aging women and those with an inferior ovarian reserve. What it does for men is improve the motility or motion of the sperm, thereby improving the chances of impregnation.


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