CoQ10 Weight Loss

CoQ10 Weight Loss

Many people often wonder if by using CoQ10, weight loss is possible. Several studies have shown that there is a direct link between the two and that the weight loss these CoQ10 supplements help you to achieve, can be safe and healthy.

What some studies have shown is that human bodies with lower levels of CoQ10 in them will typically have a lower metabolism level. When supplements containing CoQ10 were added to the daily diet, apart from assisting in weight loss there was also the added bonus of additional energy and endurance as a result.

More importantly, those looking at loosing weight using CoQ10 supplements they have to keep in mind that they tend to be safer than other options. For example, you are going to find that unlike stimulants, studies have suggested that those who have heart problems will have a significant improvement in their cardiovascular health by taking CoQ10 supplements. Additionally, Parkinson’s and renal failure patients have also noticed an improvement in their health with this supplement. This means it is among the safest options for those who are looking to add something to their diet to boost their weight loss, simply because CoQ10 is a natural substance of the human body that plays an important role in the proper operation of all human vital organs.

If you are looking at ways to continuously add this powerful fat burner to your diet, you may not need to look just at supplements. The reason is foods like spinach, sardines and even some nuts have significant levels of CoQ10 in them. This means that there is a good chance you are getting the nutritional values you need for maintaining proper health. However, since coenzyme Q10 levels are physically decreased while getting older it is quite often vital to add CoQ10 supplements in your nutrition in order to keep adequate levels of it in your body. This is even more important in case CoQ10 levels are further decreased due to substances or medicines you take to lower cholesterol in your body, like statins.

Of course, while the idea of taking more of this supplement may be appealing to some, you do need to take a moment to listen to the experts. For healthy individuals who are looking to achieve a certain weight loss, CoQ10 should be taken at a minimum of 30 milligrams a day. However, you should not exceed 50-100 milligrams over the course of the day. The suggested amounts for heart patients and those who are experiencing renal failure and Parkinson’s will be slightly different. For those individuals, 150 to no more than 200 milligrams per day are recommended, for the health benefits as well as the weight loss that is possible.

Above all, keep in mind that for the best possible results, diet and exercise are still essential. While you can significantly reduce weight thanks to the increase of energy and metabolism brought by the increased levels of CoQ10 in your body, you will still need to ensure that you are following a healthy diet and that you are exercising at least 30 minutes a day. By doing this, you will notice a significant improvement in your weight loss and that will help you to reach your goals much faster.

Remember, CoQ10 is a powerful piece to the weight loss process. You are going to find that studies have shown that there is a direct link between losing weight and the regular consumption of supplements that contain this enzyme. Make sure that you do take that into consideration and take the first steps to increase the levels of CoQ10 in your body.

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